Why Oslo ?

While tourists explore Oslo they are always surprised to see the number of Tesla's, Nissan Leafs, VW Golf, Zoe's, BMW i3s, and other Th!nk's plugged into the charging points of the world's largest public garage for electric cars. It is a fact and EVs are everywhere with months-long waiting lists of customers waiting for new models such as the I-PACE and Hyundai Ioniq. The Norwegian capital is therefore often also called "the EV capital of the World!".

Join us at EEVC and discover why 50% of the new registered cars in Oslo are electric! Be part of the discussions on the pros and cons of a policy model that led to this market share and learn more on Norway's goal to have 100% of new cars having zero emissions by 2025.

But more: the authorities are now developing a new legislative arsenal so that the eMobility will be everywhere, on the footpath and bike lines with Light Electric Vehicles, in the fjords thanks to electrically propelled ferries or even in the airs with their ambitious policy on Flying Electric Vehicles !

Last but not least, not everyone wants a car in Oslo, regardless whether it is electric or not ! Again the Vikings are ahead in thinking: the next generation is completely cool with sharing or other surprising initiatives. Come and join us at EEVC to discover all these new models and business opportunities !

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Other reasons to go to Oslo

Travel to Oslo by train, bus, ferry, plane or car is very convenient since the city is extremely well connected from Europe and oversea's most destinations. The Norwegian capital is also Scandinavia's most surprising city.

Walk around atmospheric streets and discover never-ending stream of fresh-faced, super-stylish locals and be astonished by cutting-edge architecture, a funky vintage scene and an odd but appealing sculpture park fetish.

Walk till Aker Brygge, the old harbour connecting all the small islands of the Oslo fjord and relax on the terraces of the cafés enjoying good bite of fresh fish or a huge Viking's hamburger !

Take more time and discover that Oslo is located on a spectacular archipelago and the ideal departure place for one or more days to explore wild Nature and fantastic landscapes !

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Conference center

The venue is the Oslo Congress Centre, right in the middle of Oslo, a cutting-edge conference centre in constant development.

Adress :

Youngs gate 21

0181 Oslo, Norway

More info at


Oslo is on high demand during the EEVC.  We therefore recommend that you book your hotel as soon as possible.

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