Study Tour

Discover the Norwegian EV ecosystem

The Day after de Convention, on 26 th September, an optional Study tour will be organised to enable you to discover the latest achievements related to EVs in and around Oslo. 

Experts will guide you to discover the reasons on the Norwegian success story and provide you with explanations on related novelties.  Discover the new business models in the field of e-mobility!  Specific meetings with firms representatives and specialists are also on the tour.


Meeting at Oslo City Hall


Vulkan Mobility House
A private-public mobility house with 100 slowchargers, car sharing, 2 fast chargers and
battery storage


Tøyen Ladested
Fast charging location on the east side of the city that will be upgraded with pilot projects
of wireless fast charging




Tesla store and garage at Skøyen


Akershus Castle
Showing an underground slow charge parking lot for 100 EVs under the famous Akershus
Castle near the city hall and the harbour


Farewell Drink

Transported by electric bus from the public transport company Ruter.
Entertainment & by Sture Portvik, Project Leader E-mobility of the Oslo City and Rune Haaland, President of EVU

Only for EEVC delegates - Optional registration